What happened after the accident

Living is not only exist,

but exist and create,

know how to enjoy and suffer.

And not sleep without dreaming.

Rest is starting to die.




What you think, you look and think ...

I wanted to write something about the accident I had in January 2012 and has made me think a lot this year and a half of recovery. In life one walks, stumbles and gets up ... that's life. But sometimes you walk and not stumble but is taken ahead. I will not write anything about how the accident happened. Well, that is no longer worth remembering, but I think it's interesting the things one thinks, hears, sees and meditate. As I was conscious, I thought of my family, if you see her again, my friends, on my island, things that had not yet done so, I would not know if I could re-do did. All endless thoughts that pounded in my head. The truth was not aware of the seriousness of what happened, but all I thought was that I wanted to return to my island and I was going to get out of bed. Limply, but I tried, I was taking my first steps, I discovered again the senses and sensations in everything we do again, as if reborn.

Step by step in my way, but always positive

Although rumors reached me that people commented that now would never be the same, I could not do sport and worse; rumors of people who do not 'trusted' never in my. They have always tried to put an obstacle or criticize the will to fight of a person. But those comments and opinions were never present the next morning and gave me even more strength. In life there will always be people who love you and people who hate you. But you'll spend in life without a trace. People who try things go well and I leave you my best and people who will try the opposite. But one must be stronger than that and comply with its purposes and goals and above all be yourself. Because perfection does not exist.

Every day surprised me with every thing I could and I was filled with positivism. But always with the mind set on my island and my people. When I got out of the hospital I could not walk but I had my exercise routine I wanted to do to recover. Exigiéndome more and more every day (despite the pain that invaded me, especially at night). But every day I woke up because I thought:

"Falling is allowed. Getting up is required "

"Solo is lost when left to fight about an event that happened recently."

"It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives, but the most able to adapt to changes."

"The determining factor for our life heaven or hell, is always our ttitude to things. Our attitude is the most important driving force in all of us, we are conquerors or failed ".

One reads phrases throughout life and that in difficult moments come to mind and has made me think a lot. For the truth it is that I think we always have to make the best of things that happen to us. I thought maybe there would be as it was before the accident, but always had the courage and necessary to face daily challenges will.

Every day went swimming and walking. Aided by my family and friends (even when not walking), all that was to recover as soon as possible. Never thought I would not recover, those thoughts never prowled through my head. I always accompanied by positive thoughts; what challenges would get the next week.

Take the good of what happens to you, learn from the bad and keep going.

So I've gotten to where I am now. Practically recovered: 90% physically, because the accident and 110% detracted me psychologically because I experience has made me stronger. I experienced that I can overcome the pain and have the courage to challenge myself. Knowing that I can get out of a big pot, taking the experience of the accident. You see the accident off me 10% of the physical part, but I gave in psícica part ... And now I'm raring to live, to dream, to re-invent new challenges. This is life…

So I say "take the good from what happens to you, learn from the bad and keep going." Hard as it seems what happens to us as we learn from every experience to find hidden messages they carry. Life is not easy. Nobody has said that it is. And we only have that, keep fighting.


Things I've learned:


They should always take precautions though we believe are not necessary.

We can never control everything that life will bring.

We must be positive to any adversity in life. Material things cost money, but life is not purchased.

My life and that of others is most important and you need to take care of them.

An accident can change you life, and sometimes shows us that the way we were going was not right.

I think all things happen for a reason.

I can recover from a material loss, I can regain that good but my life or that of another is not recovered.

Life often puts us obstacles we think we can not overcome, at the moment we are limited and must be filled with positive thoughts, which not only help us to improve visitón we have the world, but in all aspects around us to podernos routed to the direction indicated.

Life does not guarantee you anything you want, but it gives you time to look.

Always keep in your head that you can do anything he wants.

The possibility of reaching dreams, makes life a whole becomes interesting adventure.

Makes bad experiences in learning opportunities.

Laughter, but it does not go away your sorrows, always allow advance.

I remain forbidden not to smile at problems, not fight for what you want, abandon all fear, not to realize your dreams.

I conclude this paper with a poem by a Chilean poet. I think you're right ...

What is value?

The value is a concept of life.

Each morning the value.

When the sun starts a new day

for each of us.

Sometimes they are happy others sad.

Life holds for us sometimes severe pain, as

the loss of a loved one.

The loss of a project, be it life or work.

A life full of sacrifices, often recurrent.

When you think everything ... suddenly you catch you just the day.

And start again.

Have the strength to get up again ... and again and again

without ever pass out ... this is the value.

The courage to face adversity, stand up before ever

I thought up.

Have the strength to love without distinction to whom you want

and those who do not. Acknowledge your mistakes and address them.

... That's the strength of the value ...

Courage to accept that our health is not forever

some are different

because that God made us

Walter Christian Weinreich Anquita