Biography - A life of deeds and exceedances ...

Ricardo Miguel Garcia Castro was born in La Punta de Tijarafe, on August 7, 1973. tijarafera runs through his veins blood manifested in the deep devotion he has for his people, whose name it bears always proud in every Empre-sa rushing. That blood boils peculiarly restless and Ricardo takes to embark on exploits that set the bar for high always a little more expectations, overcoming adversity has always found throughout his life. 

Overcoming and is a constant concern in the biography of Ricardo. After three years he drank hot water, which caused him severe mesenteric adenitis, narrow gut, who accompanied him to 14 years when the disease itself disappeared. This disease affected significantly to the development of his childhood, which was not long in bed with fever and vomiting, and unable to attend school normally.

Over time it grew, combining concern with new dreams and new goals even though they still had to get tough obstacles in his life. Just you cured of his disease a hand fracture because of a prank, but the worst would come at age 17 when his mother died, I made that affect the whole future life of Ricardo and will serve as an incentive, especially if ca-be, his desire to excel. And as if that were not enough, a serious accident destroys her leg. At the risk of not being able to walk properly, Ricardo undergoes three operations to try to recover the tip, resulting in a loss of muscle mass of 45%, 20% mobility and a shortening of 5 centimeters.

Adversities do not get discourage Ricardo in love for his people, Tijarafe, and that leads him to participate in every possible way in the organization of the holidays. That's when linking to the Devil Party begins, first dancing the bigheaded and giants. But his greatest illusion, since when she went with her mother to parties, was to run the Devil, and that goal seethed in his veins.